EAD - Empresa de Arquivo de Documentação

EAD – Empresa de Arquivo de Documentação, SA, as company specifically focused on Archive function management, was pioneer in Portuguese business world. Paulo Veiga, founder and presently Chairman of the Board of Directors, as university student of ISE had his Traineeship sponsored by AIESEC, in Spain (1991), on an aluminum company (INESPAL), which used outsourcing to manage its archive.

This fact especially called his attention, immediately recognizing a business opportunity to Portugal. After finishing the degree, Paulo Veiga presented his project to CPIN – Centro Promotor de Inovação e Negócios (Innovation and Business Promoting Center, the BIC – Business Innovation Center of Lisbon, and was immediately approved. That’s how, in May 1993, he founded EAD with two university colleges.


EAD market strategy was based, since the first moment, on the application of archive basic principles (relevance, efficiency and consistency) associated to new information technologies that increase the added value of the available Services.

EAD has its own fleet and specialized teams to deliver and collect records at client offices, personalizing the company philosophy “CLIENT ORIENTED COMPANY”.

Clientes por setor de atividade

EAD has several years of experience, acquired know-how, made available through its Technicians, educated in Archival Sciences. EAD facilities have the best storing conditions and the most recent prevention and security technologies. Therefore, EAD has about 1100 clients that trust in its functional and business consistency to take care of its interests in Archive area.

EAD is a Document Service Provider that assesses working methods in Archive and Records Management and that conceptualizes, presents and implements solutions adequate to client needs.