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In the market for over 31 years, specifically dedicated to document management and implementation of new business processes, EAD is a Document Management Solutions Provider, which evaluates working methods in archiving and document management and that conceptualizes, presents and implements solutions. tailored to your customers' needs.

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“EAD provides a service par excellence, any employee I had contact with was extremely available and helpful. Always quick to respond to requests and questions that are made”.


“Distance learning has been adding value to the national economy”.

Public institute

“I appreciate the availability of tod@s, when contacted they make the solution available immediately”.

Public institute

“Thank you for your availability and speed in our requests”.

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“EAD is an excellent partner for the challenging journey of offering a service that meets the requirements of the OECD’s Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)”.


“I continue to be very happy with the services provided and for the promptness and quality of the answers to the doubts and problems that have arisen. They fulfill the contract and go beyond it, the contract”.

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“Congratulations for the portfolio of services, solutions and constant adaptation to the business needs of the moment, and a recognition for the quality and speed of execution.  EAD is an excellent business partner.  Thank you”.

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“Provision of continuous services, of high human, technical and logistical quality. Congratulations for the excellent management of the company and for the care shown with the health and safety of the employees who transport the documents”.

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“EAD is the ideal partner for “XXX’s” requirements regarding backup custody and information security.  All the requests we make are fast and the service we have been hiring for more than 18 years is very effective”.

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“EAD provides an excellent service, always with professionalism and focused on the needs of customers”.


“It has been a privilege to have EAD as a partner. I would like to highlight the availability and effectiveness in solving our requests, and thank the excellent performance of the team of people that is assigned to us. Thank you very much! Keep it up!”.


“I thank you for the speed and excellent service you have provided us in the collection, digitization and destruction of documents”.


“EAD has been a partner of “XXX” since 2007. From that date to the present day, it has always provided a service of excellence, both in the contracted services and in the design and implementation of new solutions to improve our services. Best wishes for the continuation of the good work”.

Public institute

“Congratulations to the EAD team that always serves us with great professionalism and friendliness”.


“During this journey, we were able to witness the professionalism and dedication of your team in providing quality services and follow-up. Your customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence are truly inspiring”.


“Over the years, the municipality of “XXX” has made numerous investments in the organization, preservation, conservation and dematerialization of documents in order to carry out an efficient and effective management of municipal information. The Chamber of “XXX”s promotes daily efforts to provide quality information to its citizens.   In 2007, the Municipal Archive of “XXX” due to the lack of space in its warehouses for safeguarding the municipal documentation, needed to resort to hiring the document outsourcing service and the company responsible for this process was the Documentation Archive Company (EAD).  In the already long relationship between the municipality of “XXX” and EAD, 16 years to the nines, several projects have emerged within the scope of document management that pursues tasks such as the representation and digitization of information, with a special focus on the vast urban documentary heritage.   In the year 2023, fulfilling with primacy the entire path of digital transition of information carried out, the Municipality of “XXX” decided to acquire digitization services and creation of a computer platform that allows requesting and accessing digital images of documents from the Urban Management Division (DGU). The Urbanism Portal was developed and created by EAD with the support and collaboration of the Municipal Archive of “XXX”.  In operation since March 2023, the Urbanism Portal is a work tool developed for the use of certain employees of the municipality who wish to request digital consultation of Urbanism processes. This is an important step for the municipality, with regard to administrative modernization; reduction of the response time to the citizen, citizen or company; reduction of bureaucratic times; increase in municipal revenue; improving the quality of information and good working practices; speed in accessing and making information available; creating a more collaborative environment”.

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“I am very grateful for the quality service that is provided by your company and your employees”.


“Excellent reliable partner. Tailor-made and quick response solution. The service provided exceeds expectations”.