Is a document management solution and workflow, made available in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, audited under ISO / IEC 27001: 2013, with the implementation of good security practices.

Developed internally by the EAD IT team since 2013, and constantly updated. Customizable according to the needs of each organization, regardless of its size.

The implementation of a document management and workflow system is a decisive factor for your business, as it allows the company to manage all information, based on the concepts:

  • Document dematerialization;
  • Indexing;
  • Research;
  • AdHoc and Processual Workflow.

The solution is accessible via the Internet, with the possibility of creating a private cloud using VPN depending on the security requirements required by the company.

The documents are downloaded for consultation, modifications and stored back in dedicated EAD servers.

This system provides a package of services such as: workflow adhoc system, share and joint management, advanced searches, different levels of encryption and document classification plans.Conversion of emails into automatically classified tasks, using machine learning systems and starting the business process according to its classification.

The user is totally agnostic concerning the service infrastructure and platforms used.

The entire configuration effort, maintenance, scalability and upgrade is included in the service.

The model allows for a timely implementation and configuration according to the needs of organizations.




The implementation of a document management system will allow the elimination of many errors resulting from the loss of badly filed or classified documents, as well as enormous efficiency due to the time savings achieved.

 With the RWS solution, your organization will benefit from more efficiency, availability, security and, consequently, greater cost savings

  • o Provision of a secure portal for accessing the digital documentation archive under the provision of services, using document management tools;
  • Absence of investment and management of tech infrastructures.
  • EAD’s responsibility for the tech maintenance and update.
  • Possibility of integration with the client system
  • Use of technological platform for business process management (workflow)
  • Portal customization, according to client specificities.





RWS is a document management solution developed by EAD thinking of the needs of PMEs, but also of large companies in the area of ​​banking, insurance, education, telecommunications, health, public administration, etc.

Ideal for organizations that want simple, economical solutions, easy to use and implement that can evolve according to the needs of your company, based on a model of competitive licenses in order to take full advantage, without initial investment, without annual maintenance costs , and can even integrate the different areas of your organization, such as: financial, commercial, human resources, quality, legal, etc.

The RWS allows you to associate documents in digital format to your organization’s processes, being independent of the ERP’s in use, which allows any duly accredited employee, ensuring access control and desired security levels, access for consultation or even document approval. associated with base or customized workflows.

With RWS you can now extend the functionality of your ERP with document approval flows, defining approval cycles according to the criteria that best fit your organization. The RWS allows you to approve or reject documents from any place or device, as well as to consult the status of the document and all the approvals carried out, having a notification system.


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