Within the range of services provided within the scope of Document Management, EAD executes back and front office automation solutions using the appropriate technology, process reengineering and document validation to ensure maximum profitability for our clients.

We highlight operations of:

– Personal Expenses

– Accounts Payable

– Digital Mailroom

– Integration in the organization’s back office or cloud EAD

The BPO offering is characterized by the ability to ensure customer processes, committed to continuous optimization, which implies in-depth knowledge of their processes and the ability to improve them through application developments and new services.

The opportunity to diversify sources of revenue from labor-intensive operations that materialize into effective HR allocation opportunities, provided they have the right profile and productive capacity, enables high cost profitability.

Among the many advantages of this service, we highlight:

– Increased productivity

– Increased flexibility

– Reduction of operating costs

– Innovation in process control

– SLA – Service Level Agreements

– KPI – Key Performance Indicators