Archival Sciences Consultancy offers organizations a set of services that respond to their short, medium and long term needs, aligning them with the fulfillment of their strategic objectives.

Quick access to information; definition of institutional rules for the organization, preservation and disposal of documents, both digitally and on paper; Implementation of Archival Best Practices focused on Quality and continuous improvement are just some examples of the added value that Consulting brings to your Organization, regardless of your business area.

To assist you in the demands of effective Information Governance, EAD has a team of highly specialized technicians able to jointly transform your archive in line with the requirements of the digital universe.

What we offer: – Real knowledge of the current archiving system, through the diagnosis of its Status Quo, as well as the identification of improvement proposals, based on recognized norms and practices; – A real organization of information, from the moment of its production, through the elaboration and implementation of Classification Plans as well as Selection Tables, institutionally approved; – Definition of rules, procedures and responsibilities in Information Management, based on its own Regulation; – Freeing space and reorganization of the archive with the elaboration of inventories and evaluation of the information that can be eliminated and permanently preserved, embodied in Reports; – Training of human resources – in class or on job – in view of the best archival practices, nationally and internationally recognized; – Preparation of manuals aimed at standardizing information management practices and methods;

– Support in the definition of the Digital Preservation policy, through the collection and survey of digitally produced information, definition of deadlines based on the degree of pertinence and value of the information, levels of software and hardware obsolescence, as well as definition of the best preservation formats. .