Safe suitable for storing information which, because of its classification as secret or highly confidential, requires increased security and reserved access.


Offsite Documentation Vaulting is an excellent solution for responding to the custody needs of operational risk and reverse insurance plans and projects of organizations that maintain the responsibility for preserving all types of strategic information, thus enabling quick access to disaster situations.

It is the right solution for storing sensitive documents such as business continuity plans, contracts, wills or individual HR processes.

The collection and transport process is carried out using envelopes or security bags, suitable for this purpose, always ensuring the confidentiality and security of the information.

Main Features – Descriptive Technical Memory

– fire resistance;

– No release of halogens;

– Leakproofness against liquids, gases, dust, fumes IP 67, pressure 4 bar;

– Fire detection and extinguishing system by INERGEN;

– ROXTEC sealing system;

– Multi-diameter technology;

– Access reserved to authorized personnel only.