The Offsite Tape Vaulting is the perfect solution to respond to the Disaster Recovery Plans of organizations that maintain the preservation of all types of magnetic media, maximizing the preservation period of this type of media.

The evolution of the activity over the years, the growing needs of customers and the increasingly pressing needs for data and information safeguarding, in terms of “Disaster Recovery Plans”, led EAD to make this service available, enabling us to respond in terms of high protection to the highest demands of the market.

Endowed with extreme security conditions, Offsite Tape Vaulting  allows the custody of optical and magnetic media, providing a periodic rotation service, in accordance with the client’s backup policy, allowing for an effective “Disaster Recovery” solution.

Certified by the European Certification Board – Security Systems as a Class R 60 D product to EN 1047-2, the High Security Vault Room is designed and tested to ensure controlled temperature and humidity, as well as resistance to penetration of:

– Flame- Water- Corrosive atmospheres- electromagnetic radiation

The Offsite Tape Vaulting  is also prepared for controlled and authorized access to its interior, according to DIN V 18103, being air conditioned, anti-static and anti-magnetic.

The issue of corporate information security is increasingly on the agenda. It is a problem that concerns all managers / decision makers. By way of example, we leave some questions for analysis:

– Of the 350 companies installed at the World Trade Center, 150 closed due to not having outsourced security backups;

– The cost of retrieving 20 Mb of information ranges from 15,000 € to 100,000 €;

– Statistically it is proven that about 50% of businesses that do not recover in less than 10 days, eventually disappear.