EADs Service for the Rotation and Storage of Backup Media is specifically orientated to give a secure and fast response time to Information Technology departments with needs when implementing a Periodical Rotation System of their data backup media. The physical safeguarding of computer media and their access control is imperative for any current organization. Disaster Recovery Plans are very specific in these matters, requiring data redundancy in geographically remote locations as well as simple systems to ensure inaccessibility of tapes, optical discs or any other computer media. EAD provides its own transport units (bags), as well as security labels, individually identified and customizable with the identification of the Customer. The cases have a lightweight structure, are constructed from high quality resin injected molds, always remain unchanged resisting shocks, scratches or corrosion, are airtight and ultra impact resistant. They have an identification plate and padlock eyes or security seals. The Installation units are transported between the Customer’s premises and the EAD’s premises in a non-standard vehicle with safety and temperature controlled conditions, and then housed in a Safe, meeting the requirements of VDMA 24991-1, class S60 DIS. The Installation units will remain for the period agreed with the Customer, and will be returned within the periods approved by the Customer, and delivery will only be made to persons accredited by the Customer and in previously established locations. For greater security assurance, the entire service is duly filed in accordance with the Quality System in force at EAD.

For long term custody services of computerized media, EAD has a High Security Vault Room Service controlled environment.