The semi-active archives area aims to collect, organize, maintain and manage active documentation, which is found to have high volumes of frequent consultation and handling, for immediate availability.

This service is applicable to any business area that has a file function, being applicable under outsourcing, where the file is transferred, maintained and managed at EAD’s facilities, or even under insourcing, placing EAD employees operating part-time or full-time at Customer’s premises to ensure their management.

We identify as core tasks essential to doing a good job, regardless of the area in which you operate:


– Check

– To separate

– Order

– Interstate


For outsourcing active archive, EAD is structured by Client, ie it has small groups of employees that deal specifically with the documentation of a entity, thus ensuring its confidentiality and optimization. For the services that EAD provides in insourcing, our employees are permanently at the client’s house, or go to the premises of the client on an agreed basis.

The main reasons for choosing an outsourcing option for semi-active archives and Management Services are:

– The possibility of disarming exclusive areas for the management of documentation;- A better return on human resources, which are partially or totally affected by the Archive function;- Decreasing internal responsibility over the state of organization and access to documentation; – Optimization of internal work processes, by contractual conclusion of response times for the Archive with the service provider;- Using a personalized answering service through the Contact Center EAD.- Enjoying the safety conditions available in EAD.

When the informative value of the documentation loses importance and the likelihood of consultation decreases permanently, the archive can then migrate to offsite records storage and management division and ultimately be destroyed.