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Digital Archives and Data Entry

Records digitalization lays down on information shift to a digital support, and has as main goals objects optimization on storing, reducing checking and ability to be simultaneously accessed by a community.

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Semi-Active Records Storage & Management

Semi-Active Archive Custody and Management Services imply the collection, transfer, storing, conservation and records acess and destruction servixes previously authorized by the client.

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Storage and Rotation of Backup Media

EADs Service for the Rotation and Storage os Backup Media is special fically orientated to give a secure and fast response time to Information Technology departments with needs when implementing a Periodical Rotation System of their data backup media.

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Active Records Storage & Management

Active Archive Division has as main goal to collect, organize, maintain and manage records with a big accessibility dynamic, to assure the immediate availability to respective owners.

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Archival Sciences Consultancy is focused to structure Information Systems conceptions, including the set of bureaucratic procedures of internal records or correct scenarios of non-control over records in any type of organization.

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High Security Vault Room

A High Security Vault Room is one of the most recent services offered by EAD.

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Safe Recycling of Archives & Documentation

It is a frquent to see news about companies that debate the problem concerning the lake of security when handling confidential information destined for destruction, these concerns may be motivaded because of the numerous chain of people which have access do the information as well as with the storage and methods used to destroy the documentation.

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